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Working through the pain at Tesla

After being called out for hiding worker injuries at its factory, Tesla decides to double down.

Case Cleared - Part I

When police closed the rape case against Bryan Kind, they made it look like it had been solved. But he never was arrested – or even charged.

Case Cleared - Part II

He seemed to confess to the crime, twice to his ex-girlfriend, once to police. But prosecutors never charged him. The reasons why show how rape myths continue to influence how justice is meted out in America.

Burning Hotter and Faster

Half of California’s 10 worst wildfires have struck in the last two years. We look at the recent Camp Fire, the deadliest and most destructive in state history & revisit an investigation from earlier this year looking at how extreme wildfires are breaking our emergency response systems.

Trial and Terror

President Donald Trump has used the threat of foreign-born terrorists to justify his travel ban – but since 9/11, nearly every terrorist attack in the United States has come from within.

Monumental Lies

The Civil War ended more than 150 years ago, but the Confederacy didn’t completely die with it. Monuments, shrines and museums are found throughout the South. And you won’t believe who’s funding these site to keep them running.

Sins of the Fathers

In Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, the Catholic Church had a problem with Jesuit priests sexually abusing children. The church’s first solution was to send the priests to remote Native villages, but there, they continued to abuse. So the church tried something else: hiding them in plain sight.

The City (Revealed)

This episode tells the story of a mysterious illegal dump in a Chicago neighborhood that grew to be six stories high and spanned an area equal to 13 football fields. It was part of a federal investigation that brought down a dozen corrupt politicians, but it left neighborhood residents angry and feeling used.

Silencing Science

President Donald Trump says he doubts humans have much of a role in climate change. His administration has downplayed the science of climate change and sought to silence scientists working for the federal government.

The Military's Deadliest Helicopter

On a freezing January morning in 2014, a fire broke out in the cabin of a MH-53E Navy Sea Dragon helicopter on a training mission over the Atlantic. Seconds later, it slammed into the ocean. Only two sailors survived. What caused that crash and why is the 53 the military's deadliest aircraft?

Lasting Impact

All 50 states and Washington, D.C., have laws to protect high school athletes from concussions. Are they keeping kids safe?

Five Years on Nauru

We unravel how refugee families destined for Australia ended up stuck in an immigrant detention camp more than a thousand miles away on the tiny island nation of Nauru. And why, after years of confinement, kids are succumbing to a surreal mental illness spreading through the camp like a contagion.

A Desperate Bargain

This episode looks at parents forced to make an impossible decision, focuses on parents who lose custody of their children so the kids can access medical and psychological care.

Bitter Custody

A controversial theory is swaying family court judges to award custody to parents accused of harming kids. We trace the origins of “parental alienation” and learn how it has spawned a cottage industry of so-called family reunification camps that are making big profits from broken families.

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