Heart of the Matter

The Berlin Heart is a ventricular assist device system that helps the smallest, sickest babies on the heart transplant wait list survive until a new heart becomes available.

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Girls Who Code

Girls face countless obstacles in pursuing STEM education. Girls Who Code aims to change that. The program strives to create welcoming spaces for girls interested in programming and close the gender gap in tech.

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3D-printed guns

19 states sued the Trump administration and 20 attorneys general penned a letter to the Dept. of Justice to block the downloadable plans for 3D-printed guns, but it was too late -- the plans were already online.

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Netflix reviews

Netflix written reviews allowed users to explain why they gave five stars to their favorite shows and why they hated others. The desktop-only review feature came to an end in August. I broke this story which landed on the front page of Flipboard.

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SFPD sergeant Herb Lee

Herb Lee joined the SFPD in 1956. He died Nov. 1, after suffering from colon cancer, at the age of 84. He will long be remembered as the first Chinese American officer to join SFPD’s ranks, and someone who spearheaded efforts to diversify the force.

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Help over handcuffs

San Francisco is at the start of a two-year, nearly $6 million pilot test for a Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion program in the Tenderloin and in the Mission District, where 56 percent of the city’s homeless residents reside.

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